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Deliver your business outcomes through targeted performance improvement.

Performance Improvement Services

Oppportunities Evaluation & Report

You know there are plenty of opportunities in your business to improve performance and deliver your business outcomes BUT where is the time going to come from to identify and prioritise them?

Do Less! Let us do it for you. Learn More

Performance Improvement Services

You know you have the skills and capability in your business to deliver the performance improvement changes required to deliver your business outcomes BUT they don’t necessarily have the right knowledge to do it.

Do Less! Let us do it for you. Learn More

Bespoke Improvement Projects

You know there are better ways of systemising your performance management and continuous improvement BUT it’s not your core business and you’re too busy delivering to implement it with your teams!

Do Less! Let us do it for you. Learn More

Improved performance by doing less

Doing Less means removing wasted activities and behaviours, in order to focus more time and energy on the right things that will drive your key business outcomes.

Check out this short video to learn why the Short Steps approach will be better for your business.

About Short Steps

Performance improvement work often frustrates individuals, teams and businesses as it comes, ironically, with huge time, effort and energy implications, without the all too important benefits being seen and delivered. We take great pride in bucking trends to bring the right level of coaching and the right level of simple, powerful tools with simple, clear communication.

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“Do Less”

Less is more. 

But finding the right “less” to do in order to focus on the right “more” requires objective support.  If you are frustrated by wasted cost, time and energy when trying to achieve key performance improvement, Short Steps on hand to support you to do less of the wrong activities and more of the right. 

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Excellent facilitator, supportive coach & incredible addition to the team. Chris brings experience, empathy and excellent coaching skills, technical skills and a great knowledge of process improvement and journey design. He also has a wicked sense of humour and real willingness to get stuck in. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Chris and hope we get to work together again.


Customer Lead

Passionate and dedicated Coach who builds lasting, credible partnerships with colleagues at all levels. It is clear he is one of the most natural and talented coaches I have met in the lean coaching Industry. Always willing to give his time, a patient & emphatic listener, who probes with insightful questions, always leaving the coachee with differing insights and perspectives.


Process Coach

As a project manager for the last 20 years I hadn’t seen the signs of “survival mode”. I had a lot on my plate and constantly trying to keep the plates spinning. With Chris’s help I was able to identify the important ones, pass some spinning onto others and some just needed ditching. He will never know just how much he helped, but it has been really appreciated.


Project Manager

Past Clients & Customers