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Strategic Performance Improvement For
Small and Medium Enterprises.

Performance improvement training, coaching and delivery

In order to best serve our clients and customers, we start with a simple evaluation of you, your team or your business and present a straightforward, bespoke review of the improvement we can deliver for you towards you critical key goals. Then it’s up to you how it’s delivered.

Targetted Client-Focussed Training

Powerful performance improvement training to equip anyone, any team and any business to make direct progress towards critical coals.

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On The Job Training and Coaching

It’s easy to forget about implementation and follow up. With a dedicated resource at your side, turn that learning into action.

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Improvement Project Partnerships

Performance improvement projects deployed flexibly and in the right way for you, without all the ironic extra work and time commitments. 

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Improved performance by doing less

Doing Less means removing wasted activities and behaviours, in order to focus more time and energy on the best things that will drive greater success.
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About Us

Performance improvement work often frustrates individuals, teams and businesses as it comes, ironically, with huge time, effort and energy implications, without the all too important benefits being seen and delivered.
We take great pride in bucking trends to bring the right level of coaching and the right level of simple, powerful tools with simple, clear communication.

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Why “Short Steps”?

An Italian translation of our Founder’s family name “Cortopassi”

Often it’s all too easy to take the wrong steps in the hopes of achieving greater success, leading to the wrong path and the emotional impact of knowing it; and no clear benefits

Our philosophy

“Do Less”

we believe less is more. It’s right there in our motto!

But finding the right “less” to do in order to focus on the right “more” requires objective support. 

If you are frustrated by wasted cost, time and energy trying to achieve key performance improvement, we’re on hand to support you to do less of the wrong activities and more of the right. 


Some Great Examples

Of course, this is our website, so we’re going to toot our own horn. Don’t just take our word for it though, check out some of the excellent work we’ve done before and what it delivered. 

Banking Performance Improvement – India

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Tender Qualification Process Improvement Project – UK

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Developing Professionals for Greater Success

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Seriously, you really don’t need to just take our word for it, check out what just a few people we’ve worked with say about our Managing Director below.

Excellent facilitator, supportive coach & incredible addition to the team. Chris brings experience, empathy and excellent coaching skills, technical skills and a great knowledge of process improvement and journey design. He also has a wicked sense of humour and real willingness to get stuck in. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Chris and hope we get to work together again.


Customer Lead

Passionate and dedicated Coach who builds lasting, credible partnerships with colleagues at all levels. It is clear he is one of the most natural and talented coaches I have met in the lean coaching Industry. Always willing to give his time, a patient & emphatic listener, who probes with insightful questions, always leaving the coachee with differing insights and perspectives.


Process Coach

As a project manager for the last 20 years I hadn’t seen the signs of “survival mode”. I had a lot on my plate and constantly trying to keep the plates spinning. With Chris’s help I was able to identify the important ones, pass some spinning onto others and some just needed ditching. He will never know just how much he helped, but it has been really appreciated.


Project Manager

Our Happy Clients

We love what we do and as a result, so do our clients.

Our 5 Top Tips For Doing Less

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If you like the sound of us and are still scratching your head wondering how such great results can be achieved using our approach, click the ‘download’ button below to get our top tips for free.

The Team

Chris Cortopassi

Managing Director

With over 10 years change and improvement coaching experience, I set up my consulting company in 2017 to support greater numbers of clients through a “Do Less” mantra.


Rebecca Walsh

Implementation and Engagement

Without doubt the solid foundation of sensible decisions, business progress management and an engaging and awesome positive force in the world. 


Lead Morale Officer

“The God of Thunder” doesn’t really do our mascot and lead positivity ambassador justice. 

He is mighty.


The Wider Team

Our Partners

With combined performance improvement experience of over 150 years, we’re confident we’ve got the right people for any clients.