Why you’re feeling unhappy and frustrated in life.

So what's the big deal? Life looks good on paper. You've got the nice car, a nice house, maybe married with some rugrats, probably earning a good salary with friends and family around to keep you entertained. So WHY then are you feeling unhappy or frustrated?

First i'd recommend you have a read of THIS SHORT BLOG and consider which direction your thoughts tend to go in....forwards in time or backwards in time, to ascertain what type of issues might be bubbling away under the surface for you.

Secondly, as for WHAT is causing  you to feel the way your are, of course there is no simple answer. It could be some issue from the past in your mind which requires ironing out, could be something from your environment, your work, home or social life causing your feelings, could be something in your future that needs to change or any combination of things which a coach can help you to diagnose. This article is about WHY you feel however, not what is causing it.

This is Short Steps Coaching so again let's keep this simple. The premise that has always made most sense to me and has really helped the people that I coach is about tension. 


The diagram above represents your mind and shows why feelings of dissatisfaction, depression, stress, frustration arise.

If you are living as 'true to yourself' as you can and making decisions and taking actions in life based on your true personality traits and your genuine preferences there is no emotional tension.

If you are doing things and making decisions based on other influences that do not match closely to your preferences in your core ego you will experience emotional tensions. The true you based on your learning style, personality type and memories of what you like and enjoy will need to work hard to cope with you doing things you don't really like, this causes tension between 'the true you' and 'the way you are acting', which leads to bad times.

So there you go. WHY do we experience negative emotions.? Tension between the true you and the you that you show to the world. Remove the tension, feel better.



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