Truths From the INDIAN Shed - Series 3


A short promo video for your information and entertainment on what this Series 3 from India is all about.


Episode1 - Perspective

This short truth from India is an observation. In the West and in a lot of places the gap between the rich and the poor is stark. Things might feel terrible for you but it's important to remember the resources and opportunities available to you that just aren't available for many others. Use the support if you need to.


Episode 2 - It Doesn't Take Much To Be Happy!

Experiencing the extreme poverty in other countries and yet seeing the happiness and contentment of people who may have very little is always an inspiration. Are you over-complicating things? Can you make life simpler and be happier?


Episode 3 - TK. It's Okay!

This is a simple lesson I learned from my time in India working with locals. They have an incredible ability to take the world as it comes and not stress too much. Have a watch and give it a try.


Episode 4 - We Don't NEED a Lot To Be Content

Again another short video as a reminder that many people try to fill their lives with STUFF in order to be happy or to enjoy themselves. The simplest pleasures in life are free and objects do not bring happiness.


Episode 5 -Your Internal Language

Self-Talk. How do you treat yourself in your own mind? Do you treat yourself kindly and with compassion? How do you stop yourself from giving yourself negative self-talk?