Top 3 App Recommendations on World Mental Health Day

I got into life coaching because of my own experiences of living life that was not attuned to my own likes and preferences and which ended up making me very depressed.

Years later I am doing a lot better and able to help more and more people with my experience, guidance and support but i'll never forget the sheer exhaustion, pain and hopelessness of feeling the way I did

So for Mental Health Day here are my Top 3 Apps that you might want to download if you are feeling low!

RELAX RAIN - Head feeling chaotic? No matter what you do you still feel wide awake or super anxious? In this simple FREE app with limited ads, simply choose the pitter-patter of rain you find most soothing and relax.

  • Get it here for ANDROID.
  • Get it here for APPLE. (different paid version for Apple cos, you know, they're Apple).

HEADSPACE - The go-to meditation and mindfulness app these days. Ideal for those with a hectic lifestyle or not! Relax with guided meditations and mindfulness techniques that bring calm, wellness and balance to your life in just a few minutes a day.

WYSA - This one is pretty new to me and while I'm not keen to put myself, or other life coaches, out of business, I do love technology and love to embrace it when I can. WYSA is an emotional resilience tool that you can talk to. Think of it like Alexa except while Alexa is listening for your personal data and credit card info (allegedly), this intelligent chat-bot listens and empathises. We already talk to machines, might as well benefit from it no!?

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