TOOLS From the Shed - Video Series

Simple and practical tools that my clients use day-to-day to proactively maintain their positive mental health and reduce all the emotional wastes that can lead to mental health issues in future.

TRUTHS From the Shed - Video Series

Truths about common mental health myths and incorrect beliefs as well as advice, guidance and tips on what needs to be done to kick start your own positive mental wellbeing action.

Truths From The Shed - Series 1
Truths From The Shed - Series 2
Truths From the Virtual Shed - Series 4
Truths From the Indian Shed - Series 3

Short Steps Toolkit - pdfs

These are the tools that I use to show my clients how to live authentically and true to themselves, so that they can live happier and feel better.

They are really simple tools developed from a variety of sources. Download them for FREE now and give them a try for yourself.

Let me know how you get on with them and message me for a chat when you're ready to take your development further.

Personality Profiler

Toolkit 1 - Knowing Yourself, To Make Positive Changes

Learning as much as you can about your true self, the authentic and natural way that you have evolved to operate in the world, gives you the ideal starting blocks for making the right changes in life to feel better and live better. 


Toolkit 2 - What Has Life Held For You Till Now?

If you're feeling frustrated in life and want to start working towards feeling better, try the life mapping exercise in this pdf as a start. It will show your where in life things have been best and worst to let you troubleshoot.


Toolkit 3 - LIKE Talking? Tell Your Story To Someone Who Knows

If you’re open to talking and find it okay telling your story, then this exercise gives you an objective insight into your experiences, how they have impacted you and how you feel about them.


Toolkit 4 - Write Down What You Need To Know. Explore Your Options.

With the Life Blog you write your story of your life as it is now in order to unlock your current feelings about events in your life to allow you to identify areas of potential change.

Waste Removal

Toolkit 5 - Frustrated? Constantly Stressed and Behind? Identify Any Wasted Time and Remove It.

WISDOM is all about looking for opportunities to start to remove any thoughts and activities that you are wasting your time on and start to focus on yourself with more free time.

Wheel of Life

Toolkit 6 - Have Your Rated Your Satisfaction With Life? How Do You Know Where You're Starting From?

A classic coaching tool. Give each of the segments of the wheel a title from an area of your life that is important to you, and rank each of them from 0 – 10. This allows you to focus on your priority areas.

Internet Browsing

Toolkit 7 - Identifying Options To Relieve Stress Is Just Like Browsing.....Websites.

Randomisation is the key to this exercise. Whichever way you like to live your life, however you like to shop, you can easily do this exercise as part of your day-to-day life.

Force-Field Analysis

Toolkit 10 - Force Field Analysis Sounds Cool, And It Is. Use This Tool To Overcome Blockers. 

A method for listing, discussing and dealing with those forces that will help to drive change and those that will restrain change from taking place.

Life Equation

Toolkit 13 - An Interesting Equation For Sussing Out If You've Got The Right Balance In Your Life.

A tool that identifies where to put effort in trying to overcome resistance. It identifies three ingredients (Dissatisfaction / Vision / First Steps) for overcoming resistance to change.


Toolkit 8 - A Simple Tool To Ensure Your Thoughts Are Focussed On The Right Time and Place.

Just like an ordinary compass, this one is used to find out what direction you’re going in and where you need to go to. Use this to track and diagnose the direction of your thoughts.

Privacy Window

Toolkit 11 - How Much Do You Know About Yourself? How Much Do They Know About You?

A model to help people to improve self insight and their relationship with other individuals through personal disclosure and constructive feedback.


Toolkit 14 - Making Decisions Isn't Always Easy. Use This Simple Tool To Ensure You Make The Right Decisions For You.

It's commitment, not motivation that matters. How committed you are to an action right now, will lead your priorities.

Dream Interpretation

Toolkit 9 - If You Experience Startling or Repeating Dreams There Are Answers There. Try This.

Your subconscious brain (the bit responsible for dreaming when you’re asleep) can’t talk. Talking is controlled by your conscious brain, usually when you’re awake.

The Performance Hub

Toolkit 12 - Ensure You Set The Right Goals and Track and Maintain Positive Progress. Performance Hub.

The ideal tool for setting your goals and tracking your progress. Ideal for those with more methodical minds and if you love a good information dashboard!

1-2-1 Coaching Model

Toolkit 15 - Short Steps Coaching Model. This Is How I Work Generally Speaking. Look Like Something For You?

In coaching, there are many models and tools to draw from. I work with you to build an individual program based on your personality type and learning preferences.