TOOLS From the Shed - Video Series

Simple and practical tools that my clients use day-to-day to proactively maintain their positive mental health and reduce all the emotional wastes that can lead to mental health issues in future.

TRUTHS From the Shed - Video Series

Truths about common mental health myths and incorrect beliefs as well as advice, guidance and tips on what needs to be done to kick start your own positive mental.

Short Steps Toolkit - pdfs

These are the tools that I use to show my clients how to live authentically and true to themselves, so that they can live happier and feel better.

They are really simple tools developed from a variety of sources. Download them for FREE now and give thema try for yourself.

Let me know how you get on with them and message me for a chat when you're ready to take your development further.

Toolkit 1 - Personality Profiles  

Learning as much as you can about your true self, the authentic and natural way that you have evolved to operate in the world, gives you the ideal starting blocks for making the right changes in life to feel better and live better. 


Toolkit 2 - Life Mapping 

If you're feeling frustrated in life and want to start working towards feeling better, try the life mapping exercise in this pdf as a start. It will show your where in life things have been best and worst in the past, so that you can derive your own options for what you decide to do in future.  LINK

Toolkit 3 - Emotional Wastes in Your Life 

WISDOM is all about looking for opportunities to start to remove any thoughts and activities that you are wasting your time on and start to focus on yourself with more free time.


Life Wastes Spreadsheet

Toolkit 4 - Prioritisation

It's commitment, not motivation that matters. How committed you are to an action right now, will lead your priorities.