Truths From the Shed - Series 2

Episode 1 - Mark Hinds, Comedy@Work

Mark shares some of his story with us and explains that 'bravery' isn't what we traditionally think of when it comes to mental health and wellbeing and rather is about admitting we would like help and ASKING FOR IT.


Episode 2 - Adam Szecowka, Autism Coach

Adam tells us of the many additional challenges that those who live with Autism and their loved ones face, in particular with regard to managing and maintaining good mental health. For Adam, PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT was key to his recovery and it might work for you too!


Episode 3 - Paul Kielman, Cherwell Independent Mortages

Paul shares his all too familiar story of falling into a rut in life. Doing the same things day in and day out without much thought or attention to if it was right or making him happy. Too many nights a week down the pub showed Paul that it definitely wasn't right for him, yet it took a long time to accept that because it was so "common" and what "everyone does". Learn how Paul shifted his focus and how me made the smart choices for him.


Episode 4 - Duncan Price, Mind Affinity Coach

In this FEATURE LENGTH episode, Duncan goes into amazing detail about how to embrace control of your own actions, reactions and inaction in order to greatly reduce the likelihood of mental health issues developing.


Episode 5 - Something Missing Here, An Important Reminder

Just literally seconds before filming this episode with my special guest, his partner was in a car accident and he had to rush off to see them! Fortunately in this instance everyone was ok but this short episode 5 is about the unexpected and how important it is to be resilient and strong in the face of life's challenges.


Episode 6 - Richard Wilkins, Excalibur Digital

Richard, who was our special guest for episode 5 vut had to reschedule, and I catch up at a networking event and record our Man Shed video 'on location. Listen to Richard's story of how he came to realise he was in a bad place and what prompted him to make a change.