Truths From the Shed - Series 1

Episode 1 - Negative Talk

How do you talk to yourself in your own head? If you make a mistake or do something wrong, do you immediately and savagely chastise yourself in a way you never would anyone else? Perhaps you generally find yourself putting yourself down, being defeatist about life or even purposefully talking yourself out of what could be great opportunities because of your internal negative talk.

If this is you then watch this video to see what that's about and what you can do about it!


Episode 2 - Be Careful What You Think You Want

This simple truth is critical for making the right decisions for your own happiness, for making the right decisions about how you spend your time in order to avoid negative experiences that might potentially hold you back or cause you pain.

KNOW what you LIKE and then make confident decisions based on that knowledge.


Episode 3 - Acceptance and Compassion

Do you feel under constant pressure to change yourself and who you are? To be a certain type of Man? To dress a certain way or behave a certain way? A lot of mental health advocates share a lot of rules and advice.

My only rule is to practice self compassion! Watch episode 3 to discover if a lack of self-compassion is holding you back and what to do about it.


Episode 4 - Commitment Trumps Motivation

You can get motivation from a variety of different places. Commitment however, can only come from your own personal values and desires.


Episode 5 - Your Dreams Mean Things

Your dreams are your subconscious matching your real emotions with significant images that make sense to it. Pay attention to their meaninngs or work with me to understand them and you will learn how to make life better and happier for yourself. you'll also be able to relax about whay you have such random dreams that make you react so emotionally.


Episode 6 - You Don't Need To Talk

Using practical tools from my coaching service, you can explore your emotions and problems in life for yourself and come up with your own solutions.

Episode 7 - ...None Of Your Business

What other's think about you is none of your business. It's their opinion, they are their thoughts and they've got nothng to do with you. So don't worry about them and certainly don't let them cause you emotional stress.


Episode 8 - Removing Waste From Your Life

Removing psychological waste from your mind and your life is critical for maintaining your mental wellbeing and potential future issues.


Episode 9 - Depression and Selflishness

Sadly Depression is seen as a very selfish condition as the individual's reality and focus is, quite-rightly, very internally focussed. Compassion and understanding are critical as they are not doing it deliberately.