"The process has been both useful and focused with some good pointers on what to think about. I like the way it’s broken down into logical modules which helps you concentrate on one aspect at a time." - Male 38


I really enjoyed his openness and honesty . Chris really can engage with people and keeps it simple...” - Male 39


"Speaks sense and speaks it straight! Highly recommended 👍" - Female, 38.


Chris has been a pleasure to be around both professionally and personally and I couldn’t have wished for a better group of people to be surrounded by which was only enhanced by the generous, kind and courteous tone that Chris brings with him.” - Male 40


“You have been able to create a work environment where everyone was there for each other. We had shared a spirit of cooperation and goals which helped us achieve our set targets comfortably.” – Manager Coachee, 35


Thanks for listening. You made me so relaxed and I was amazed how easily I could share, what I considered to be, shameful secrets. Best advice was to pull back and focus on 3 things to not overwhelm myself.” – Male, 52


“You’re a very friendly and outgoing person, which made it very easy for me to open up about my problems and be able to feel more positive about my situation and subsequently gave a huge boost to my ability to manage my OCD”. – Male 17


“I’m so delighted with how you’ve helped and I’ve already been discussing your services with clients of mine!” – Female 45