Simple tools and techniques to calm your mind without needing to sit cross-legged like a frog and hum to yourself.

Whether it’s while trying to relax, work or trying to get to sleep, our mind’s can get very busy and chaotic and make it difficult for us to calm the noise and focus.

For a lot of people meditation and mindfulness aren’t best suited to them and they struggle to calm their minds. So, if you’ve tried it and it doesn’t work for you, here are some practical suggestions of alternative ways to try and soothe your mind.


1. Listen to the sound of rain.

A lot of apps like the ‘Calm’ app use this technique and it works really well for a lot of people. There are a few rain sound apps on the Google and Apple App stores as well as countless videos on youtube.

I recommend rain sounds in a forest. The rain drops are hitting plants and grass at different distances and heights and this produces a more natural background noise than rain falling on a concrete street, where the noise can start to sound like white noise and static rather than rain, which isn’t as relaxing. Here’s one that I find very effective – Rainforest sounds.

If you’re exploring night sounds and it works for you, another smart purchase would be some soft ‘head band’ earphones to wear in bed or even a pillow with an internal speaker – Amazon Search – Pillow Speakers


2. Go swimming.

The sounds of the water, the sensation of weightlessness and the general ebbing of the water all add up to a relaxing and soothing soundscape.

I swim every day in the evening when my head usually starts to get busy and restless. If your pool has a hot tub or a sauna, even better. All these things are there to make us feel relaxed and to destress.

Going to the pool can be a great “Trigger disruptor. If you keep your trunks and towel ready by the door or somewhere handy, then whenever you’re starting to feel restless or on edge all you need to do is grab your bag and head out the door.


3. Really simple cooking.

This probably seems like an odd recommendation for Men, given that, stereotypically the suggestion is that a lot of us don’t really cook (which I think is probably nonsense anyway).

Simple cooking can be a great relaxer and a great way to distract and focus a chaotic and stressed mind. My partner gets a great deal out of cooking as she really enjoys it.

I enjoy it ok. I enjoy chopping vegetables, as it’s quite a satisfying activity, but when it comes to elaborate meals and specific temperatures, timings and 65-step recipes, it’s a bit more than I can be bothered with.

Scrambled eggs on the other hand! Winner!

Grab 2 or 3 eggs, break them into a bowl, whap a drop of milk in there, salt n pepper and whisk!

Whisking is another really simple, satisfying activity that distracts the mind and helps it to focus on one thing. Then the act of banging the mixture into a pan and folding it and scrambling it into scrambled eggs is also very therapeutic and relaxing.

Plus at the end you have some eggs to eat! Splash some Worcestershire sauce on there and you’re winning.


4. Eh, “self-gratification”.

If you don’t know what this one is. Ask your parents. It’s relatively simple, very effective and can be done very nearly anywhere….but don’t tell the Police that I’m the one who said that!


Short Blogs are here to help. Hope they do!