Remember the Lemmings?

“You know no-one really knows what you do right!?”

This is what I get from time to time from people who haven’t bothered to find out what I do……

What I do is unique. There’s no-one out there, that I’m aware of, who does what I do. So it makes sense that not a lot of people have found me yet 🙂 Here’s what I do….

Remember the Lemmings video game? The lemmings were walking along and if no-one intervened they would fall into a hole.

I’m the one standing saying “nope, not this way”, turning people away from walking into the hole.

The dude that builds stairs..... He represents all the wonderful, hard working and committed therapists, counselors, coaches, doctors and prescription medications, that help us to climb out of the hole.

Once you’re out of that hole, that’s where I come back in. I’m the lemming standing there with a pick-axe and a variety of other tools, to help you move forward safely, and build the life that’s right for you.

What do you think?

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