Life wastes you can remove RIGHT NOW to lower your stress, anxiety and frustration levels.

In my work I talk about wasted time and energy that contributes to our stress levels and general frustration in life. These wastes could be physical activities or wasted emotional energy.

Being overwhelmed by the amount of mental activity we go through during hectic days and being exhausted by running around like a headless chicken are sure-fire signs that your mental wellbeing is in trouble.

So, in this short blog I offer up some suggestions of wastes you could remove RIGHT NOW, in order to simplify and calm things down upstairs.

What other wastes do you think you could drop right now?

Physical Wastes

  • Any travel, activities, people that are taking up a lot of your time but aren’t contributing to your quality of life, or worse you don’t actually enjoy. Quit. Quitting is a perfectly acceptable option in problem solving and one that is often overlooked. I wouldn’t rush to this option if the activity is your work, but I’m sure there’s a lot of things you spend a lot of time doing and often wish you didn’t have to. DO you have to?


  • The wrong activities. We all have leading personality preferences for what we do, how we do it, why we do it and how we then make decisions about things. Unfortunately, not a lot of people really understand their leading preferences and therefore end up doing things that don’t suit them. The creative thinker who ended up in a technical/analytical role. The free spirit with an insatiable wanderlust, who feels trapped and held back by their current lifestyle. The person who loves order and certainty who’s being forced to work in a fast-paced, adaptive, ever-changing environment. If you’re not living, working and playing true to what your real preferences are, then there will be a lot of waste in your life that’s causing undue stress. Learn about your leading preference and you’ll very quickly identify those things that aren’t right for you.


  • Too much on your plate? Might be responsibilities, activities, projects, involvement with others. Whatever it is, many people suffer from please-personality and don’t like saying no, or they’re just anxious and highly-strung and haven’t realised they’re allowed to be safe, say no, drop shit and give themselves that permission. So give yourself permission!!


Emotional Wastes

  • Shoulds, Needs, Musts! – Take these words out of your internal and external language as much as you can. Technically speaking, you don’t really need to do anything. That’s a bit extreme but we get into these ways of thinking and we can get highly stressed out trying to do and deliver all these things we’ve convinced ourselves MUST be done, and it's important to remind ourselves, when the stress gets too much, that a lot of our MUST, NEEDS and SHOULDS are more likely just LIKES and NICE TO HAVES.


  • Stop obsessing over the media! Choose WHERE you get your news wisely and choose WHAT sort of news you really want to read about and understand…..then cut out the rest! Ignore twitter rants and inflammatory posts on social. Cut down on the mainstream media a bit or for a while, particularly until President Fart has moved on and the UK has stopped shooting itself in the foot and scoring own goals and cancels Brexit (hah, can only dream! But hold on folks, I'm pretty sure it'll be more wasted energy to keep an eye on, as it'll be a painful process).


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  • Keeping up with the Joneses or ‘Status Anxiety’ means you spend a lot of emotional time and energy envious of what other’s have and getting angry, upset and stressed by it. This is a HIGHLY common emotional waste and is 100% waste. If you were living their life, if you were them, you’d be happy right? Bullshit. They’re life has nothing to do with you and more than that, you have no idea what their life is REALLY like! Wish you had that guys job/success? Wish you had a house like there’s? Fed up of your progress compared to others. The time spent ringing yourself through these emotions is total waste, isn’t moving you towards happiness and only serves to cause more mental tension, stress and dissatisfaction. Stop it. 


  • Toxic People. Ok maybe this could be physical as well. I spent YEARS of my life standing by someone who sucked all my energy and who showed fully no interest in trying to make their life better. Just happy to use my friendship and ignore their problems. People like this are sometimes Ill, depressed or have had a genuinely difficult time, some are just selfish assholes. Either way their life is not for you to live and their problems and stresses are most definitely NOT yours to own! It may clash a bit with your values, you might think you NEED them or you might think it’s not as bad as it is. Listen to your close friends and loved ones. Ask their opinion of this person’s negative effects on you and then start to distance yourself from them as much as you can. This might be one of the wastes that’s actually easier to remove during lockdown!


What do YOU think? What other wastes could you drop right now?