Let ‘The Simpsons’ be your examples of personality styles…why not.

Personality profiles have been around for years with some of the more commonly known and popular being DISC, Myers-Briggs and Social Styles, among many others.

These profiles and tools provide really invaluable insights into our personal beliefs, our characteristic traits and most importantly for problem solving, they tell a lot about what a person really likes and dislikes, which helps you to focus on the right priorities for you.

So, let the Simpsons be your guide on the start of your journey learning more about yourself. At the bottom of this article there is a link where you can learn what your OWN personality style is. Go and check it out now and let me know what you think about what it says.


Homer is the ultimate party animal. He’s also an idiot. There’s so much to learn from Homer’s ‘live in the moment’ attitude and many warnings from the same. His extroverted nature means he loves people and gets his energy from playing with others. He makes no plans and is action-oriented! Prospect and explore, that’s his way! When given instructions however, he really, really need things explained clearly. His personality is definitely a hard ESFP.


The bad boy of the Simpsons, Bart is famously well known for his plotting and scheming. His ability to create perfect evil plans show us he relies less on intuition and more on being meticulous and organised (when he’s motivated to be). He loves a crowd and he prefers to create a plan and go quick, without stopping to over-analyse. His personality is definitely ESTP.


Maggie’s a baby. She ain’t anything yet. (apart from a crack shot with a rifle!)


Lisa is the sweet-hearted, smart and passionate girl who keeps the whole family together. She is ultimately shy and doesn’t like the limelight, but like any Introvert who is motivated and passionate, when she must step into the limelight, boy does she own it!! She is intelligent and incredibly quick and intuitive, yet she feels incredibly strong emotions and constantly desires to help and please others. She like a good plan and gets upset when things don’t go to schedule. Her personality is definitely INFJ.


Marge is the quintessential, awesome woman! They’re everywhere and they’re the best. She’s shy and demure, classy and beautiful, but when she’s pushed, she’s a force to be reckoned with! Her love for her family leaves her constantly battling with a whirlwind of emotions and fears, while she simultaneously provides care, love, affection, guidance, strength and everything else she can give to her family. Her personality is definitely ISFJ.

If you want to know more about these funny 4-character codes and about your OWN personality style, go to www.16personalities.com and fill in their profiling quiz.

Go and check it out now and let me know what you think about what it says.

.....and what do you think about the rest?