How do I know if I could benefit from coaching?

When considering if life coaching is for me, I usually consider three main points.

  1. Do I need it? Am I feeling dissatisfied or frustrated with something and am I struggling to make progress with it? I use many coaches myself whenever i'm procrastinating on my work for example.
  2. What direction do my thoughts tend to go in when I am thinking about something I am dissatisfied about? For example, if I am reminiscing or remembering things in the past that I regret or feel "held back" by, then perhaps talking it out with a friend or counselor might be the way to go. If however, i'm yearning for something to change and wishing for a different future, then that is arguably less complicated. With looking ahead, coaching gives the structure and power to put actions in place to make the future you want to happen, happen.
  3. Am I ready to roll? Do I have the time? The mental bandwidth? The resources to make a change? Have I been looking for opportunities to actually part with some cash and invest in myself?

If these ring true then coaching is definitely the way to go, it's just a question of making the choice if you want to invest in yourself.

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