Why “coaching for the real world”?

Welcome to the first blog post on the new Short Steps Coaching website! Don't worry, you've already won the internet for today by finding this site and as your reward, all Short Steps blogs are short blogs....I think i'll call it Short Blogs! Clever!

Over the 14 years working in my corporate job in the UK I came across countless people who were feeling a real frustration and dissatisfaction with their lives. I mean of course I did right! It may be a proper first world problem but that doesn't make modern-day life-malaise any less of a problem that affects mental well-being for a great many people.

When I was 30 years old I had a great, well-paid job, I was driving a fancy car, I owned my own place, went on many exotic holidays, had lots of hobbies and friends and generally, on paper, my life was looking ideal! What was to complain about? Well the issue with ticking all the items on the universally accepted 'list of stuff you should be doing in life' is that, unless those items align to your own values, align to what you as a person like and enjoy, there will be tension in your mind and that tension can negatively affect your mental well-being and that's what happened to me. I was unhappy and I didn't fully understand why!

So what's the deal with coaching for the "real world"? The deal is that life coaching is often badged as an almost ethereal process! Light, fluffy stuff! "Live your best you!", "reach for the stars and you'll catch the moon" and such. The problem with this is that it didn't really apply to me. I wasn't in need of a revolutionary life change and I wasn't about to start chasing my very own unicorn, I just needed to diagnose my life, figure out what wasn't working for me and start to take practical short steps to making myself feel better.

So at Short Steps Coaching, I have pulled together the models, tools, processes and techniques I used to set myself straight in life and have turned this into a series of products that I can facilitate people through to help them diagnose their own dissatisfaction in life and take positive action to make it better. I take your real world situation and work with that. No fluff, no overly-positive aspirations, dreams and goals, just simple short steps to a happier future.

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