Can life coaching help with depression, anxiety and stress?

Short answer, yes. Life coaching can absolutely help you when struggling with depression, anxiety and stress. If you can think straight and make decisions, life coaching is an option, if things are a bit more hectic in your head then medication and talking therapy is likely the way to go.

There is a thin line between counselling (looking backwards to review and recover) and coaching (looking forwards to build and create change) and in my experience they can complement each other well. When you are struggling mentally, you are looking for answers to reduce the pain. A qualified coach with experience will always be able to help a client who is struggling with mental health issues, however, the form of that help must be carefully measured!

A coach, most importantly above all, will listen to you deeply and fully to understand where your head is. An empathetic and experienced coach will know when what a client is telling them is a clinical issue that ought to be referred to a medical professional and they will be able to recommend courses of action, from “visit the Doctors” to “sign up for some Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, psychotherapy” or whatever else might be suitable.

When dealing with stress and anxiety, there are many root causes. If those root causes are ‘practical’ i.e. they stem from activities, people, work, internal tension in your mind between how you are living and your true preferences as a person, then a coach will be ideal to help you to unwind those root causes and resolve them.

Long blog short, if you’re struggling and you want to take action, use a coach. If you’re struggling and you can’t think straight and don’t know which direction is ‘up’, visit your doctor

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