I’ve been interested in this question for a long time because I personally think they are.


When I was working in my corporate career, I was earning a very good salary, I had a fancy expensive car, nice house, lots of technology and went on several exotic holidays each year!


Under the surface I was also blissfully unaware of just how unhappy and frustrated I was and how poor my mental health was. I was running on the hamster wheel, doing jobs that didn’t suit me, not using my skills and talents properly and not paying attention to my subconscious and mental health!


I got more and more outwardly stressed, irritable, combative and generally miserable and reactive! Not a fun person to work with or be around.


Eventually I had a breakdown and thank God I did as it forced me to look inside, realise what is truly important to me and change my life for the positive.


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So, does more money mean more stress? Or does it depend on how you make that money? Or does the money and all the interest it attracts cause increased stress and frustration in itself?


I live in a reasonably affluent area with lovely large new houses, a new Landrover or Jaguar or Tesla or something similar in the drive. When I see these people driving past, they almost always have miserable expressions on their faces.


I know that I’m less stressed and far more content and living true to myself than I ever was when I was earning a large salary in the corporate world, living wrong for me!


So what do you think? Does wealth mean more stress and less happiness in of itself?