6 signs your friend or loved one might be heading for a wee breakdown

“Breakdowns” or “meltdowns” or “mid-life crisis” or whatever you want to call them, having these extremely uncomfortable mental events is very common, normal and affects different people in a variety of different ways.

Sometimes our brains just get too stuffed up. Our subconscious is too busy and exhausted from trying to process a variety of mental issues that need attending to, but we’ve been too busy, distracted or afraid to try and sort them out.

Our subconscious drives our consciousness and our behaviour, so luckily it gives us some signs that it’s needing more attention.

  1. Always on Transmit. We all know some people who are constantly on transmit and talk about themselves, a lot. Watch how they talk. How rapidly are they speaking? Is their language past, present or future focussed? Do they repeat things about themselves a lot?

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  1. Decision Making. Struggling with things like what breakfast cereal to choose, what to buy in the shop or unloading the washing machine are signs of overload.

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  1. Wishing Life Away. Always wishing things were different? Lots of “I just wish” or “I just this or that”? This kind of talk is a tell-tale sign that life, as it is now, is not working out.

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  1. Rushing. If you know someone who always seems like they’ve been through a hedge backwards to get there, they definitely need a spa day at least. Obvious really.

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  1. Reactive-personality. Hypersensitivity is a key sign that someone is struggling to cope with managing their mind. If someone constantly leaps to assumptions or automatically takes offense at seemingly innocuous comments, there’s something behind the scenes putting them on edge.

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  1. A clear sign of overload and someone having difficulty managing their mental health is extreme tiredness, even after very little physical activity. Not being able to rise in the morning, sleeping throughout the day or even just having far less energy than “normal”, despite no obvious physical cause, suggests mental exhaustion which is very uncomfortable and harder to recover from.

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Does this sound familiar for you or someone you know?


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