The Short Steps Coaching Lean Life Guide – Short Steps 101

You’re 30 – 55 years old. Your life looks good on paper. You might have a decent job, nice car, home, family, holidays, etc. but you’re feeling dissatisfied, frustrated or even a bit depressed. This is the right place to start.


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You’re 30 – 55 years old. Your life looks good on paper. You might have a decent job, nice car, home, family, holidays, etc. but you’re feeling dissatisfiedfrustrated or even a bit depressed. This is the right place to start.

When I hit 30, my subconscious decided that it had had enough of me cruising through life, blissfully unaware that my inner needs weren’t being met, so it got to work letting me know of it’s dissatisfaction by making me good and depressed.

Thanks Subconscious!

Over the following 6 years I found my own way for making sense of life, putting it into my own perspective, taking control of it and basically feeling you know, myself again. I then spent many years coaching and supporting others at work and in my personal life to the same end.

So this is my approach to life coaching. Short Steps.

When I was looking for help I found myself constantly wading hopelessly through a torrent of book recommendations, inspirational speakers, courses, movies and memes to the point where it was overwhelming.

Most prohibiting at times to me as well, was the tone of the help out there. The pressure to “be my best self” and to “give myself up to a higher power” or “settle for nothing less than a full and wonderful, rich, vibrant, translucent, iridescent life” etc etc just turned me off from even wanting to try.

Here, all that’s needed is straight up Short Steps. If you’re at a stage in life where on paper everything looks good but you’re feeling frustration, malaise or dissatisfaction, I can help.

Next Steps…

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“Chris was great to talk to to really get a sense of what was going on for me and what was most important for me. He’s a great listener and really easy to work with! I definitely recommend him as a life coach.”

“I worked with Chris when we coached me through some big changes. His passion for helping me really motivated me and helped me feel I could ahieve anything.”

“Chris is a real presence to work with. Dynamic, energetic and creative are words that come to mind from my experience of working with Chris.”